TEDxCBIT 2018 Talks

Talk image: Ability in Disability

Ability in Disability

Meera Shenoy

Talk on how disability cannot stop a person for becoming something great, with real world examples from people around India.

Talk image: The Twelve-Year Theory

The Twelve-Year Theory

Nag Ashwin

A new proposal, "The Twelve-Year Theory that would make you rethink how often to do things.

Talk image: Beyond Prejudice

Beyond Prejudice

Chitra Palekar

Chitra talks how thinking beyond prejudice, and rethinking your basic building life morals would make your life more beautiful.

Talk image: Saving Lives through Technology

Saving Lives through Technology

Ponnurangam Kumaraguru

PK talks how technology effects the lives of humans, how it endagers them, and how we can use it to save lives.

Talk image: Journey of a Change Agent

Journey of a Change Agent

Narasimha Donthineni

The journey of a young politican inspiring on how to change your lifes as you go on, with some of his personal experiences as examples.

Talk image: Trans-cending Stigma

Trans-cending Stigma

Vyjayanti Vasanta Mogili

Vyjayanti talks on the state of transgender rights in India, and how everyone can help change the view of people towards a dicriminated section of people.

Talk image: Health as Wealth

Health as Wealth

Manish Ranjan

Manish talks how technolgy can improve the health and therby impacting the wealth of people.

Talk image: Hope for the Twilight Years

Hope for the Twilight Years

George Rakesh Babu

George talks about our general view towards the sick and old, and how we can change it to become a better human being.