About TEDxCBIT 2018

The students of CBIT are organising TEDxCBIT, now in its second year. The idea behind the event is quite a simple one: we believe in the power of ideas, and want to bring as many new and unique ones into our lives and our attitudes as possible. As students, and students of engineering, we believe it is necessary for us to keep expanding our horizons constantly, and strive to always see the larger world that lies beyond our own. It is essential that we not only understand the world that we live in and the forces that we operate under, but that we also identify the inherent strengths and weaknesses in them, and work to be, and do, better.

It is with this goal that we are organising TEDxCBIT this year. We have attempted to bring an inspiring mixture of new ideas to our conference, and for any of us to truly benefit from them, it is essential that we make space for them, whether it is by questioning our assumptions or challenging our hitherto unchallenged beliefs. That is the spirit that led to the synthesis of our theme for the event, Making Space.

Our speakers have worked tirelessly in various fields for years, and they bring with them decades of experience and insight. We hope that you will find your way to our conference, and hence to a better, brighter, and freer idea of the world.